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Podcasting – the newest teaching and learning tool

Friday, November 9th, 2007

I only felt it appropriate that I begin my blog with a discussion about one of the most recent movements in the field of higher education–the “podcasting movement.”

I read an article today that really got me thinking about podcasting, and how it is, and could be used in a learning environment. The article references the increased use of podcasting as a learning tool at the collegiate level with many of the universities today. Colleges are beginning to receive grants to test web 2.0 technologies in the classroom:

“The Ohio Learning Network provided the health and human services and education departments with a $5,000 grant to fund 14 professors to take part in a learning community study. The group chose to study the benefits of podcasting at a collegiate level.”

“Podcast[s] are becoming popular because students learn better when they receive something from [a] medium they like. Students can use iPods to listen to lectures while walking, talking or doing whatever…”

Talk about Training 2.0!!! This is it! This is the future! It’s not about replacing the current curriculum, it’s about providing yet one additional medium of communicating the same message. It’s about putting that message straight into the learner’s ear buds!

Now, doesn’t it only make sense to mirror what the colleges are doing in the business world??? As businesses focus more on mobility…as businesses focus more on expanding and growing globally…as businesses focus more on adapting to this new web 2.0 world…doesn’t it make TOTAL sense that podcasting would be a requirement for any business moving forward?!?

Think about it–success stories, interviews, lecture feeds, Q&A discussions with subject matter experts, reinforcement messages to keep new hire training moving… I could go ON and ON!

All I can say is if the colleges are doing it, every business should be at LEAST looking at how podcasting could work for them; especially the ones looking to find another way to competitively differentiate, AND have a HUGE impact on their learning audience.

I would love to hear what you think!

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