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Training…the Way it Should be

Monday, October 27th, 2008

Hello everyone! I’m back! And I am ready to share my thoughts on the next generation of training!

As you may already know, I am currently a corporate trainer for a Fortune 100 company. One of my many responsibilities includes managing and delivering a new hire training course to new sales account managers that join the company. The goal of this new hire training, as is with any, is to prepare the employees to be successful in doing the job they were hired to do. Recently, we decided to completely revamp the training program. I just finished training the new curriculum last week, and while I was facilitating, a lightbulb went off! I’ll explain the lightbulb in a moment, but first let’s take a brief look at the typical new hire training curriculum…

I am sure if you are reading this you have either attended a new hire training session, or even facilitated one yourself. Ask yourself this question, did the training teach you how to do your job…successfully? Speaking from experience, being both a new hire several times, and a trainer training the class, I cannot honestly answer yes to this question…until now.

You see, traditionally this is always the end goal of any new hire training, but the content is not aligned with this goal! Think about it. If you are hired into a job that requires sales skills, product knowledge, and systems knowledge…that is exactly how the training curriculum is organized! We’ll teach you sales skills…then product…then systems. Yes, you are learning all the things you need to know…but does it make sense??? When you get out of training and ‘on the floor’ or ‘in the field’, do you know how to do your job? If it is sales, can you sell something…from prospect to order? If it is customer service, can you fully service your customers…from engagement to resolution? The answer is usually, “Well, I learn most of it once I am actually doing the job.” Yes, that is true, you will learn it again on the job, but what if you could learn it ALL in the classroom and then simply apply what you know on the job?

This is why I believe the heart of a new hire training curriculum must be the PROCESS. Take me from start to finish! What skills do I need at each stage in the process? What systems do I use, when, and how do I use them? In my opinion, the perfect training class allows the learner to PRACTICE what is being trained. Teach them the process, take them through the process, and let them follow the process themselves!

I call this process-centered training! Training…the way it should be! Luckily, my training organization is headed in the right direction!

What do you think???

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